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  Hydraulic Couplers
Marca Comercial: Esco
Modelo: TwinLock
The esco twinlock™ hydraulic coupler is the latest design for improved performance and safety.


The cast body ensures performance, with a significantly increased lifespan compared to fabricated couplers. The TwinLock design includes two key locking features that provides among the greatest safety in the industry. The front latch acts as the first locking mechanism and is visible to the machine operator. The second locking mechanism is comprised of two gravity-operated mechanisms that secure the attachment in case hydraulic pressure is lost.

Features and Benefits:

  • Can be operated directly from the machine’s cab without requiring the operator to manually
    insert a pin.

  • Two gravity-operated mechanical locks secure the coupler hook in position in case of hydraulic
    pressure loss.

  • The front latch acts as a backup locking mechanism and provides a visual indicator when the hydraulic cylinder has retracted.

  • The front retaining jaw catches the front pin in case the hook is not fully engaged on the attachment pin, ensuring attachment retention.

  • The universal design allows for a full range of OEM buckets within a machine’s weight class.

  • Cast couplers are available for 7- to 40-ton excavators, with greater strength and reduced weight, compared with a fabricated couplers, at the end of the stick.

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